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    Georgian Bay is a prime location to catch (and hopefully release)
    fish.   With two thousand of kilometers of relatively undeveloped 
    shoreline and thousands of islands and inlets the Bay is the ideal
    location to host big fish of many species.  Georgian Bay is proven 
    to deliver  fast  growing  fish species due to the excellent water 
    quality, bait and shelter conditions.    Georgian Bay fish species 
    include Muskellunge, Northern Pike,Walleye, Large Mouth Bass, Small
    Mouth Bass,  Yellow Perch,  Crappie,    Brook Trout,  Brown Trout, 
    Rainbow Trout, Lake Trout et al. 
    Our fishing boats provide client  wouderful  fishing experience on 
    Georgian Bay.
    Our 16 feet and 14 feet steel fishing boat  limited 4 adult 
    with 8-15HP engine.
    Rate: $79.9/day, plus $18/day flat gas fee.
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